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76 Keywords for Dentists (and how to use them)

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1. A list of 76 trending keywords for dentists that people are typing into Google, which you can use as a jumping-off point for blog posts
2. An explanation of how to use these keywords for SEO purposes
3. Suggestions for what time of year to use particular keyword phrases

We’ve had two recent jobs that made me think about keywords for dentists. The problem each one presented stemmed from a lack of understanding of what keywords were, and what they meant.

The first was a dentist who asked us to produce some blog posts for him. We said, ‘Fine, send us a dozen or so keywords or keyword phrases that you want to target’. He sent us three.

The second was a digital agency. They responded to the same request with a list of about 50 keywords and phrases identified by their software as having a high search volume. But when we read the list, they were all slight variations on the one word or phrase. Effectively, from the point of view of a content producer, they may as well have sent us a single keyword.

What dentists really want

I reckon that even though these responses were opposites of each other, they come from a similar place. The first dentist was only thinking about what he wanted to say to patients. Or what services he could sell to them.

The second one, the agency, was only thinking of the process of distributing the content. Of getting as much attention in Google as they could.

Neither of them were thinking of what a reader might be looking for.

How keywords work

Keywords aren’t things you can get right or wrong. There’s no central well of keywords that you draw upon.

Keywords are just words or phrases you might use when searching for information. Search engines match those phrases to their index.

We’ve had people find our company through keywords we didn’t even target. They were phrases (or variations on phrases) that were in the text of some of our articles, and did describe the subject matter. But they were a variation that we hadn’t thought of when writing the article.

How does this happen? I have two keywords for you: semantic search.

How this impacts your SEO

Search engines are pretty smart nowadays. Their computers can index and understand clusters of related terms. For a while now, the engineers who work at places like Google have been working on this idea of semantic search. It’s about helping computers understand not just the keywords you’re looking for, but the context of your search. The goal is to give you more relevant search results.

So the whole idea of targeting exactly the right keyword—that one word your reader is looking for—has become a bit redundant. Search engines recognize that your clients don’t always know exactly what they’re searching for. So they’ve adjusted the technology to suit the people who use them.

Trending keywords

With all that in mind, we thought it would be a useful public service if we just handed out bunch of competitive keywords for dentists. Use some of these as a starting point for blog posts, and you’re on the way to creating content people want to read.

The following keywords and keyword phrases come out of Google’s Trends page. Each of them is what the search engine calls a ‘rising’ search term. That means that it’s a phrase an increasing number of people are typing into Google, looking for answers.

We suggest you choose one or two phrases from each group to inform the topics you blog about. We’ve noticed that some of these phrases are popular at particular times of year, and if that is the case we’ve made a note of it in the headline.

Keywords about grinding (which, for some reason, peak in April each year)

  • Teeth grinding sleeping
  • Bruxism

Keywords about snoring

  • snoring causes
  • snoring solutions
  • stop snoring
  • snoring surgery
  • snoring remedies
  • sleep apnea
  • snoring cures

Keywords about mouthguards (which, for some reason, often peak in March)

  • mouth guard
  • mouth guards
  • rhino mouthguards

Keywords about oral health

  • electric toothbrush
  • dental health
  • dental caries
  • oral care
  • oral health care
  • oral health center
  • oral hygiene
  • oral health journal
  • oral health education
  • oral cancer
  • oral health centre
  • oral health services

Keywords about toothache

  • remedies for toothache
  • remedy for toothache
  • stop toothache
  • home remedies toothache
  • home remedies
  • tooth pain
  • toothache pain
  • toothache remedies
  • toothache home remedy
  • toothache relief

Keywords about teeth whitening

  • teeth whitening reviews
  • best teeth whitening
  • home teeth whitening
  • teeth whitening strips
  • teeth whitening kit
  • teeth whitening reviews
  • best teeth whitening
  • teeth whitening kits
  • whitening strips
  • peroxide
  • peroxide teeth whitening
  • teeth whitening cost

Keywords about emergency dentistry (which peak wildly each December)

  •  24 hour dentist
  • after hours dentist
  • dental hospital
  • Dentist (location)
  • emergency dental (location)
  • Cracked tooth
  • Family dentist

Keywords about dental implants

  • dental implant procedure
  • dental implants cost
  • dental implants sydney
  • sydney implant institute
  • teeth implants
  • tooth implant cost

Keywords about dental veneers (which, for some reason we don’t understand, peaks in July each year)

  • veneers cost
  • dental veneers
  • veneers sydney
  • composite veneers
  • porcelain
  • veneer
  • porcelain veneers

Keywords about dental insurance

  • health insurance
  • dental insurance
  • health insurance dental
  • health care card
  • dental clinic
  • dental cover
  • dental health care
  • dental health cover
  • health cover

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