A little about Engage Content…

Find out about who we are, where we've come from and what we do.

Who we are.

Engage was formed in 2004 by the two founding partners, Mark and Rob. Both had worked in traditional media since prehistoric times and specialised in working within custom media since the late 1990’s.

With an exciting new era unfolding—as custom media agencies evolved to become content marketing agencies that provided a range of content across platforms—Rob and Mark wanted to establish a business model that would let them explore their own ideas with their clients and build a team of like-minded media professionals.

Mark Brown

Director & Chief Content Strategist

Rob Johnson

Director & Chief Content Officer

Kathy Graham

Associate Editor

John Yates

Art Director

Ann Gordon

Digital Creative Director

Our services

We have the in-house resources to create tailored content across many platforms. Our work includes customer magazines, member magazines, digital magazines, iPad Apps, website content, email marketing and social media strategies.

  • Concept and strategy development

    Our strategy work lays the foundation for your content marketing plan. we’ll research your industry, competitors and influencers.

  • Total project management, from development to delivery and research

    You can be as involved as you’d like but we do all the heavy lifting to ensure the success of your content marketing.

  • Hand-picked editorial teams to suit your business and audience

    Having worked on the countries leading newspapers, magazines and television programs we have the contacts to bring together the team who can engage your audience.

  • Photography, video and illustration

    We’ve organised shoots in just about every regional and capital city. We shoot fashion, food, people (and kids and animals to keep it interesting).

  • Design for print and electronic media platforms

    Our award winning print and digital designers will present your content in a way that engages and delights your audience while being on brand

  • Distribution strategies

    There’s no sense in creating beautiful content if no one sees it. We know how to get your content in front of the right eyeballs both on and offline.

  • Research

    Giving you the data to measure your ROI we also use research to ensure your content marketing strategy is continuously evening to match your goals and your audience’s interests.

How we work.

Engage has enjoyed strong growth for over ten years and works for a wide range of clients including blue chip and international companies, industry associations, government departments and not-for-profit organisations. We produce content that covers topics as diverse as fashion, food, education, lifestyle, B2B, technology and almost anything you can imagine. We tailor and deliver this content for audiences who range from teenagers to grandparents, SME owners to CEO’s, academics to students, and across all socioeconomic and demographic profiles.

We work with our clients to understand what they know about their potential audience and why they want to connect with them. We then create content and distribution strategies that will balance content that engages an audience while communicating our clients’ messages. Our work rewards existing customers and members and grows them into brand ambassadors. Nowadays we also use our content in digital spaces to connect clients with new audiences and drive inbound communication.

Ten years ago, our work traditionally took the form of a printed magazine. Today, magazines still form a strong section of our portfolio, but our work extends to digital magazines, apps for mobile devices, website content, social media, video and anything else your audience may use as a channel to consume content.