alternative content distribution methods

Alternative content distribution

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Nearly every business today has a presence on both Google and Facebook. These two platforms have massive reach—but there is no cheap quick way of taking advantage of that reach. Alternative content distribution platforms exist, however.

The problem with the digital giants is you really need to pay to take full advantage of their reach. If you rely on that, you’ll quickly drain your budget. So it makes sense to be very careful about what you promote and what you want to get out of it. Meanwhile, smaller distribution platforms can be valuable if used correctly and save your business money in the future. Especially if you’re producing content for the middle of your sales funnel.

Why you should look at alternative content distribution platforms

Yes, the audience is huge on search engines and social media. But once you divide those numbers by factors like personas and geographical location, you could be reaching far fewer people.

However, other channels such as Pinterest, Snapchat, an email newsletter and other smaller outlets can be beneficial for your business. If your personas spend any time on these platforms, learning how to use these channels makes sense.

Offline and print channels are also still a relevant option to consider when deciding to diversify your content distribution. Printing magazine content and hosting events and competitions are always great content opportunities to both present content and then capture new leads that fit the personas you developed in your content strategy.

Additionally, you can directly connect with people on a personal level if you hand them a magazine or talk to them at an event. Targeting your audience on smaller, less popular channels also helps you reach a specific group that competing companies may not be investing in.

Should you stop using Google and Facebook?

If you find that smaller or new outlets work better than large platforms, it is still important continue advertising on large channels like Google and Facebook. A new channel may only be good for a couple of months, and be a passing trend for your personas.

Alternative channels can also be relatively small outlets, so it becomes easy to exhaust them. Furthermore, having a general, reliable source of distribution is necessary to maintain constant communication with your audience.

It’s suggested to continue reaching the numbers you’re aiming for on Google. You might want to temporarily lower the budget if another particular outlet is working well. But, you should never completely stop using broad channels just in case your newfound river of gold is a very short one.

Having a popular distribution outlet also ensures your customers that you are delivering on your business’s promise of consistency and makes it simpler to find your content online.

How to find alternative distribution channels

Searching for alternative channels, especially ones that work, can be difficult. However, many businesses have the answer within their already established customer base. Ask your current audience about the outlets they use. Run a competition to find potential customers. Do a survey with incentives. These are just a few ways to get inside your clients’ mind and find out what and how they interact with other channels.

Another way to expand your distribution channels is re-examining your personas. Make sure that you’re updating them as an individual’s life, your business or contemporary issues change. Seeking out additional ways to reach your current and potential customers is a worthwhile approach to nurture existing relationships and form new ones.


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