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Content marketing tips and tricks

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If I could offer two top content marketing tips it would be these. More isn’t always best, especially when it comes to content. And make sure you always deliver when you say you will.

It’s true that it’s not about quantity, but about quality.

Creating quality content is the key to success. It has to stand out from the masses of information out there and really resonates with your audience.

The biggest tip for achieving this is ensuring that you get the building blocks of your strategy right. Develop realistic and in-depth buyer personas, a succinct editorial mission and a plan for measuring your success.

If you take care in fulfilling these steps, it will show.

The most common mistake people make is not spending enough time on these building blocks­. They don’t develop a deep understanding of their buyer personas. As a result, they don’t engineer an approach in a way that you really show you understand them and their needs.

But if you don’t understand how can you help?

Make sure you always deliver

If somebody subscribes to your email newsletter or follows you on social media, there’s almost an agreement and a contract there.

If you say you’re going to deliver an email every Thursday at 10 AM, do it. If you say it’s going to have a certain type of content, make sure it’s got that content in it.

If you promise that you are going to deliver specific content, then DELIVER IT.

And never just talk about what’s exciting for you as a business. It’s about what’s exciting to your target audience. Make sure you keep talking to them about their problem and helping them.

You’ll find that if you get these things wrong, people will unsubscribe. And once you lose them, you lose them for good. You lose the people that they influence and are connected to. And, worst of all, you lose a big opportunity.

So make sure you always deliver.

How to improve instantly


Stop content marketing for a minute.

Stop what you’re doing and take a big step back from it.

Have a boot camp. Go and have another rethink about your personas. Have they changed? Have they developed?

Have a look at the channels you’re on. Have new channels come out in the last few months that you can engage with? Or are some of the older channels you’re on, has your audience in some ways moved from LinkedIn to Facebook, even though they’re a business audience?

Think about what is the same and what is different and adapt accordingly. If you don’t change your content becomes stagnant and the last thing you want it to be boring.

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