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New research by McNair Ingenuity into custom publishing in Australia has revealed custom magazines in this country are read for an average of 39.7 minutes, nearly twice the length of time indicated by other overseas research.

The Research is published in The Australian Custom Magazine Report (read a summary here) was conducted via telephone and online by McNair Ingenuity Research Pty amongst receivers of custom magazines from five key industry sectors: lifestyle, retail, automotive, real estate and B2B. The researched titles included magazines for Weight Watchers, Coles, Volkswagen, the Restaurant and Catering Association and the Real Estate Institute of NSW. Fieldwork was carried out in August and September 2011.

Significantly, custom magazines are considered to be the most credible medium for reporting information about a brand or organisation (conversely newspapers were seen to be the least credible).

Some of the other findings of the report include:

* 91% of readers know and understand that a custom magazine is a promotional tool for that brand or organisation. And yet not only do they read it thoroughly, they respond extremely positively to its content.

* 90% of readers believe their magazine’s content is relevant to the brand

* 87% also believe it is relevant to them as a reader

* 90% find their magazines to be a good source of information

* 82% enjoy the reading experience

The majority of survey respondents also indicated that they would be happy to accept more content in custom magazines for personal use as part of their media mix, which also included online communications.

The full report is only available to publishers involved in the research. If you would like to explore how the findings relate to your business and see how your custom content strategy could adapt to be more effective, call Mark Brown on 612 9660 6995 (ext 500) or email


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