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Engage has been heavily involved with the first ever industry wide research project into the effectiveness of custom content in Australia.

The title we publish on behalf of Restaurant & Catering was one of only six titles selected by a panel from Publishers Australia to be a representative title to be researched. We knew our work was effective but all the publishers involved have been very pleasantly surprised by the level of response from readers about the effect receiving a custom magazine has on their relationship with the brand they receive it from. Below are just a few highlights but we’d love a chance to take you through the full findings to explore in more details what we can learn for your project.Content marketing is an accountable form of marketing. Research is a key tool we use to ensure our projects are effective, demonstrate a return on our clients investment and continually learn and evolve our craft.

Key findings:

  • 81% of people read their custom magazine

  • >1 month is how long they kept it

  • 75% of customers read their magazine immediately

  • 2.3 people read each copy

  • 66% of customers read most or all of the content

  • 39.7 minutes is how long custom magazines are read for

  • 80% of customers will recommend their custom magazine to a friend

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