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Reducing opt-outs from your marketing email

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Every day, we’re subjected to countless emails, advertisements and pitches. Although some people receive all this marketing email willingly, there are some who just aren’t receptive to them.

So how do you reach those people?

Marketing email for opt-outs

As always, it comes back to delivering quality content.

Those people are saying, “I don’t want to be yelled at! I don’t want you to come into my inbox and yell at me! I don’t want you to come onto my Facebook page and yell at me about this new product that you sell! Not if you’re making false promises!”

These people are just receiving the wrong message at the wrong time in the wrong place.


So, you stop shouting, you take a step back, you reassess and you make sure that you’re delivering on your editorial promise. You might need to tweak some things­­­­. That’s okay. You come back stronger and you make sure you’re delivering the sorts of content people WILL want to make the time for rather than just select-deleting.

The best way to market to people who don’t want your marketing, is to stop trying to sell yourself and just try and help them.

Know your product

Understand what it is about your product or service that fulfils their need or problem and then develop content from the ground up that’s trying to do that. Be genuine.

If I’m looking to go on holiday and you can help me decide which destination is right and how to get there and solve all my problems then that’s helpful and I will engage with that. But, if I’m not in the market for a holiday, I’m not interested in your coming onto all my channels with something that is not relevant. Similarly, if I’ve decided I want a tropical holiday, but you sell holidays to Europe, which is not where I want to go or what I can afford but you keep pushing that message to me, that’s bad marketing.

That’s the sort of things people want to disengage from.

What to produce

Produce something relevant, something amusing, something memorable, something useful and you’re in with a fighting chance.

And, never neglect your resources! Just because everyone has a mobile phone these days doesn’t mean mobiles are the ONLY way to reach people. Traditional channels (newspapers, television campaigns—you remember those, right?) can be just as effective.

You just have to start.

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