As part of the content strategy developed with Bank of Queensland Specialist Bank, Engage produces both print and digital versions of Best Practice magazine—a magazine about improving your specialist practice. With the evolution of digital media, BoQ Specialist asked us to produce video content to complement the magazine. You can see the result above by clicking on the image.

Why video?

Two things have changed in the past five years that will have a major impact on your digital marketing. One is the inexorable growth of time spent by consumers on screens. The average consumer spend up to 6.3 hours per day with digital media, up from 2.7 hours in 2008*. Also, the amount of time consumers spend on vertically-oriented screens — in other words, mobile devices — has shot up exponentially: from 5 per cent of that time to 29 per cent now. What happened? Firstly, it was the explosion in social media, and secondly, the massive growth in mobile devices. When Facebook and other social apps started letting you share videos directly in their stream, there was a surge in digital video use.

Who can do video?

The easy availability of digital broadcasting platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, along with the popularity of social media, means what was once a luxury for big brands is now available to anyone. Engage helps clients create both short-form and long-form digital video for use as part of a content marketing plan. Get in touch with us today to see how video can work as part of your digital content marketing strategy.


(* Source: Internet Trends 2019 by Mark Meeker).

You can find more video stats from our friends at Siteefy here.