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Welcome to the Schedule generator

Our schedule generator is a tool we have been using in our publishing business for 11 years. It’s really simple. But it can save days of work, just by creating task-specific deadlines based on the final go-live date for your content.
And we’re giving it away for free.

How the schedule generator works

No matter how frequently you’re creating content, your audience expects it on a certain day of the week. Not a date. A day.

So the way this sheet works is you enter a date AT THE END, which is the Friday of the week you want your content to go live (if it’s digital only), or Wednesday if it’s a print publication. If you enter a date that is not a Friday on the digital sheet or a Wednesday on the print sheet, the other dates won’t fall on the correct days. The only significant difference between the two sheets is print means a longer distribution process. It’s only a day or two, but you have to account for it.

What to do next

Now you have got a schedule, you might want to think about the effectiveness of the content you’re publishing. We’ve produced a guide to what makes content engaging, and it’s worth reading. Or if you’re still debating about whether you use a print-first or digital-first strategy, keep in mind there are some really good reasons to go with the old-fashioned print medium.

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