Restaurant & Catering Magazine

Client: Restaurant & Catering

Frequency: Monthly

Objective: To associate the R&C brand with thought leadership; to offer a membership retention and growth tool; to deliver to readers ideas and tools to help grow their businesses. The magazine serves to increase member value, driving interaction and member retention.

Results: Our clients own research cites the magazine as a significant driver in membership renewal. McNair Ingenuity conducted a phone based research of association members and found: 89 per cent of people had read the magazine in the past two months; an average of 3.5 people read each edition; after reading the magazine 37 per cent would recommend Restaurant & Catering.

The McNair Ingenuity research project was commissioned by Publishers Australia and canvassed readers of six leading custom magazines published for Weight Watchers, The REI, Volkswagen, Coles Myer and Restaurant & Catering. Restaurant and Catering was consistently in the top three results for each question category that proved Engage is one of Australia’s leading custom content agencies.


RC-websiteRestaurant & Catering Magazine Website

Client: Restaurant & Catering

Objective: To leverage the massive amount of quality content that had been produced monthly over 8 years for the print magazine online.

While many organisations are racing to catch up with the content marketing opportunities online by producing new content, Restaurant & Catering were in a great position as we had already created the best content for their magazine. Engage built a responsive WordPress website to showcase this content.

The website is used to develop relationships with potential new members.

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