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Whats, Hows and Whys of Digital Marketing

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Want to know why digital marketing is a must-have tool in your marketing? The next time you are on a bus, train or any form of public transport, I want you to look around.

Pay close attention to what people are doing. Or, rather, where their attention is focused.

I’d bet a great deal that most if not all the people around you will have their eyes glued to a screen.

Portable radios and tape players are a thing of the past, replaced by apps like Spotify. Phone calls are almost extinct, killed off by Facebook messenger. And instore visits have been abandoned for the ease of online shopping.

Not only is our attention shifting to the online world, but our everyday interactions and activities. This is why digital marketing is such a useful tool: it capitalizes on this shift in lifestyle and increases your visibility as a business, giving you a competitive edge.

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Has digital marketing killed print?

No. Despite the above, there’s still a place for print marketing. In fact, in some cases, it can prove an advantage.

We’ve still got clients that we do a print magazine for. It helps them cut through the mass and really stand out.

But, the best approach to marketing is to remain as channel agnostic as possible. It’s about studying different platforms of communication and deciding which is best for what you are trying to achieve.

True, there are some undeniable advantages of digital marketing compared to analogue marketing:

  • Marketing online is much more cost-effective and much more manageable
  • Print costs are non-existent
  • The success of your campaigns is easier to measure through web statistics and audience interaction with a post

Managing change

But just because a post performed well, does not mean it shouldn’t be reviewed. The digital world is a dynamic space which is constantly changing. Similarly, the wants and needs of your target audience will also change. So, it’s important you change too.

The best way to monitor this it is to schedule regular reviews of your content. At least monthly, check in to see what’s happening: what your unsubscribe rates are, open click rates, shares, comments on your blog.

If you’re doing well, keep going. If you’re dropping behind, regroup, re-plan and go again.

Knowing a message is important isn’t enough

You need to execute an effective strategy to ensure you are successful.

Content marketing, digital or otherwise, is only a piece of the overall strategy.

An effective plan comes from looking ahead. When new products are launching throughout the year, when big trade events are happening and expos and events. This provides you with a timeline, helping you know when to create interest and demand.

In the interim, digital marketing techniques like banner ads are also useful. Especially when trying to attract the online ‘click junkie’.

But, it’s not just about the clicks. It’s also about the psychology. The more your audience is exposed to a banner ad, the more susceptible they become to your message.

Just because they didn’t click on that one doesn’t mean it had no impact. Remember that.

Also remember, your audience is not all the same

Therefore, your execution should not be the same. It’s horses for courses.

You need to be willing to connect with your customers in a variety of ways on a variety of platforms. The more ground you cover, the more likely your content is to not only be viewed but engaged with.

This can prove extremely difficult, as there are literally 100s of 1000s of different online channels. If you can find out where your audience hangs out and work to understand them, converse with them and promise to solve their problem through developing relevant content, you’ll do well.

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